Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boston Contact Solution

For my fellow gas-permeable contacts wearers out there, Target is having a great deal this week. Their Bausch & Lomb Boston Simplus® Multi-Action Solution is on sale for 2 for $13 ($6.50 each). Combine that with a printable coupon here http://print.coupons.com/couponweb/Offers.aspx?bid=alk090331100350vnottvuw&pid=13306&nid=10&zid=iq37 and each bottle is only $5.50. They are normally priced at $7.96-$8.14 at Target and Walmart, so this is a 30% savings. You should be able to print the coupon twice (I've been saving these for a couple of months, so I had four to use). Depending on the Target you go to and the sales associate you end up with you might have to do separate transactions per coupon used, or you may luck out with one that actually understands printable coupons and lets you use them in the same transaction. This is a great stock-up deal for an item that, if you are like me, you have to have (my opthamologist made me promise NEVER to use the no-name brand of contact solution -- it builds up really bad on the contacts and caused me lots of problems a couple of years ago)

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