Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time to stock up on diapers and pasta

Here are my 3 great deals for the past week. The first 2 are from Walgreens. Thanks to their register rewards, supersaver coupon book, online coupons, and manufacturer coupons from the Sunday Paper I was able to get amazing deals.

This first one cost $11.04 (pre-sales tax $8.99). Total value of purchase was $48.96. That is a 77% savings overall! (The shampoo was actually free with their easy saver coupon and a manufacture coupon I had. Happy days!)
I just couldn't help myself. I had to go back to Walgreens later that week after I got a couple more Huggies manufacturer coupons online to stock up some more (with a 4 month old, I always need more diapers). This one came to $13.48 ($10.86 pre-sales tax). With the total value of the purchase being $46.92, it was a savings of 71%.
Smiths had a great stock-up sale on pasta last week. Since my husband loves spaghetti, I stocked up on that and other items. I bought 35 items total in this shopping trip, yet only spent $31.30 (I love the fact that Nevada does not charge sales tax on food items). The total value of my purchase was actually $97.82. It was a 68% savings overall. There is nothing quite as satisfying as handing over my Smiths card and clipped coupons and seeing the total drop and drop and drop while the mouths of the cashier, bagger, and customer behind me drop as well. Yes, I find such fulfillment in such silly things :)

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