Saturday, February 20, 2010

Old Navy V-Neck Shirts

Old Navy has their V-neck shirts on sale this week for $5 each, down from $14.50, as well as some tank tops and other children's clothing and Men's tees. If you are ready for spring like we are here in Las Vegas, then this is a perfect opportunity to pick up some shirts for the nice weather. (They are kind of hidden in the store I go to, so if you don't see the ones for $5 at first, ask an employee--don't get confused with the $10 V-neck tees)

To make your shopping trips at Old Navy more worthwhile, make sure to head on over to Old Navy Weekly to get printable coupons. They refresh every week, usually sometime on Thursday. The really good ones (like $50 or $75 off $100 purchase) usually go fast (like within minutes), but you can find others still there throughout the week. They make you work for the coupons, though. You have to click on different things to find the hidden coupons.

Example for this week:

To get the 15% off coupon do this: click on the blue stripped tank, then the pants below it (a 10% off coupon will pop up) but then click on Amy's face that appears in the blue box for the 15% off coupon to appear.

My total for the 2 shirts: $8.50 plus tax--a 71% savings over the retail total of $29.00.

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