Friday, September 4, 2009

Mailbox Goodies

I love my daily trip to the mailbox with my daughter. I get so excited to see what freebies and coupons the mailman brought to me that day. Sometimes it is a really great day, while other times we open the mailbox only to be totally disappointed when we see that it is empty.

Today was one of those great days. I was pleased to find 3 different coupon booklets there. There was a booklet from Pampers and Huggies, both full of coupons, as well as a box from Fiber One, also full of coupons as well as a free sample of their granola bar and cereal. You too can sign up online with Pampers (here) and Huggies (here) to get these periodical mailers full of coupons (which really come in handy with a baby in the house). Also, Fiber One is still running their free sample + coupons promotion. You can sign up here for your own sample.

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