Thursday, November 5, 2009

Disney Movie Rewards

The past couple of days I have been searching for printable coupons for the upcoming release of Disney's Up and Monsters Inc. For awhile there I wasn't having much luck, but I recently stumbled onto 2 potential deals:

1. It is possible that at some retailers there will be a sticker on certain DVDs for $10 off when you purchase both Up and Monsters. Someone spotted them on DVDs locked behind the counter at Frys, just waiting the release date next week. If anyone knows anymore about this potential deal, please leave a comment.

2. If you haven't joined Disney's Movie Rewards, then I recommend you do so, especially if you are Disney fans like we are. When you buy Disney DVDs with the movie rewards icon (all new releases have this I believe), there is a code inside the DVD container that you plug in online to earn points. You can redeem these points for a variety of Disney merchandise. Here are 2 more reasons to sign up TODAY
  • today (11/5) is double points day, so if you have a bunch of dvds with codes never redeemed, then plug them all in today to get a whole slew of points.

  • you can get an $8 off coupon for the new release of Monsters Inc. blue ray combo pack if you enter the UPC code in from your old DVD or VHS copy of this movie before 11/29/09. There should be a message about it in the message board when you first log in to your account.

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    This is a link that has a $10 off coupon when you buy Up and Monter's Inc on Blu Ray at TARGET.