Monday, May 4, 2009

Bring on the May deals

It's only the 4th of May and I've hit the ground running on the shopping deals for this month. Thanks to my sweet husband, I was able to hit the Vons sale by myself--it made shopping so much easier without a baby carrier taking up the entire cart. They are running an awesome deal that, unfortunately, ends tomorrow night--buy $30 of participating products, get an instant $10 coupon good on your next purchase. There are so many products in the store that are on this deal. Just look for the sticker on the shelves. I was able to use a bunch of coupons that I had and get $30 worth of these products, plus a few other items that we needed, all for $26.14 (a 66% savings over the total value of $72.14), plus I have a $10 voucher good towards my next purchase!

Another week brings another bunch of deals at Walgreens. I picked up a few things today to add to our storage. This week was a lot easier than last weeks (only 5 transactions instead of the 12 that I had to do last week). I got$43.63 worth of items for $9.76, a 78% savings. Pretty good considering the swiffer starter kit retails for over $12 itself. 14 items for $9.76--less than a dollar per item. That's worth the trip.

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