Sunday, May 24, 2009

Price Matching Shopping

I usually don't do too much price matching shopping at Walmart, but this week I found a few "stock up" priced items in the Albertsons, Smiths, and Vons ads and didn't really want to go to each store just for a couple of items, so I got all my ads and my coupons together and headed over to the Walmart Neighborhood Market (I like this place SO much more than the regular super Walmart). I was really excited with the deals that I got. The normal Walmart price for all these items would have been $27.10, but with coupons I saved $12.50 and with price matching an additional $5.10, bringing my grand total down to $9.50--a 65% savings on the already low Walmart prices! You can get these deals too--the Albertsons, Vons, and Smiths ads all run through Tuesday May 26th. Go to Grocery Smarts (this is the Nevada link only) to look up the good deals and find where the coupons are at (some were in the Sunday papers and some were printable). Have a happy Memorial Day!

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