Thursday, May 7, 2009

Staples Rebate Offers

You can pick up a couple of things at Staples this week that are either free or close to it after rebate. They are

1. Casio KL-60L Labelmaker -- cost $19.99 with a $20 Easy Rebate = Free

2. HP Multipurpose Paper 500 count -- cost $7.29 with a $6.29 Easy Rebate = $1 (limit 2 per household)

3. Peachtree Pro Accounting 2009 -- cost $140 with a $140 mail in rebate = Free

We did the labelmaker and paper deal this week. Staples "easy rebate" really is just that--Easy. You do it all on line--no mailing, no forms, no stamps. I love these kind of rebates. The accounting software looked interesting, but it is geared more towards a small business versus a home budgeting software, so we passed this one up, but you may still find some use for it. Since it is a mail in rebate, it will take longer to get your $140 back, so it may or may not be worth it.

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