Thursday, August 20, 2009

Almost Free Huggies Wipes--No Manufacturer coupons needed

Through Saturday you can snag some pretty cheap Huggies wipes at you local Walgreens. There are a couple of things that make this deal so sweet:

1. Wednesday Aug 19-Saturday Aug 22 Walgreens is running a deal in store where if you spend $25 in one transaction you get a $5 register reward that prints up to use on your next purchase. (If the cost before coupons is greater than $25 and you use coupons to get the price down, you still should get the $5 RR, although some managers may say it won't work--I tried at 2 different Walgreens at it worked both times).

2. In their Back to School Savings Booklet located at the front of the stores there is a Walgreens coupon for $2 off any Huggies wipes. Since this is a Walgreens coupon and not manufacturer's coupon, you only need one to take off $2 for every Huggies wipe in your purchase.

3. If you have other RR from previous purchases to use it helps. You can't use a previous $5RR from the deal in my #1 point because their system is set up not to give a new RR if one is used from purchasing the same item, but you can use others (ex. I had a 10RR I got from their Dr. Scholl's deal they have this week--buy $20 in Dr. Scholls items get $10RR--there are online coupons here for these items). If I want a deal more than once I alternate what deal I am getting each transaction using another deals RR for that purchase.

Here is an example of a deal you can snag:

Buy 8 Huggies wipes priced $2.79 at many Walgreens
Buy 1 Softsoap Nutriserums body wash priced $3.99
Total: $26.31

Use Huggies $2 off coupon from the Walgreens Back to school booklet
$26.31-$16.00 = $10.61
Use previous RR if you have any (ex. my $10 from Dr. Scholls)
$10.61-$10 = $0.61

Grand total = $0.61 plus tax
Earn $5 RR for a >$25 purchase
Earn $4 RR for the Soft soap body wash
Total: Invested $10RR, spent $0.61 plus tax out of pocket, Earned $9 RR

There are other scenarios that you can do too; this one just worked out the best for me. I actually tried a few and ended up with 24 Huggies wipes, 2 softsoaps, and a chapstick investing $15RR from previous purchases, spending less than $8 out of pocket, and ending up with $10RR. Needless to say we are well stocked with wipes for the next year or so!

Sidenote: For my fellow Las Vegans--many stores are low on their Huggies wipes because of people going and doing this deal, but I tried the Walgreens on Boulder and Flamingo and they still had a bunch left as of today. The one on Boulder and Lake Mead in Henderson should be getting more in on Saturday morning. The one on Warm Springs and Arroyo Grande has a few but they are priced at $3.29. Hope this helps.


  1. That's great! That's only about 4 months worth of wipes for my family, though. Having diapers and wipes on hand is a great blessing. (They are also wonderful if you get invited to a baby shower and don't have time to shop for a gift; they are always appreciated!)

  2. Hi Lv coupon mom!! I'm here in Vegas as well and new to the world of couponing! It get kinda of confusing but I'll get it I'm sure..It's fun so far! Love the deals. Thats great about the wipe deals! Have a great night!