Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Del Monte Peaches Deal

Big Lots is having a really good buy on their Del Monte Peaches this week. Select varieties are 5 for $1.00 of the 8.25 oz variety. They usually run around $1.00 at Walmart, so this is a steal of a deal. These have the pop can type top that you can open easily without a can opener, making them perfect for a husband's or kid's lunches, or to throw in your diaper bag with a plastic spoon in case your toddler gets hungry.

If your Big Lots is already sold out of them, you can always try price matching them at Walmart if you have an ad from Big Lots (it was in Sunday's paper). I have a couple of extra if someone needs one for price matching. I don't know if all Walmarts will price match Big Lots ads, but the few that I go to have never given me any problems.
This sale ends Saturday October 17.

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