Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Emergency Essentials Food Storage Analyzer and free $10 gift card

I have been working little by little to accumulate what we need for our short-term and long-term food storage. There are many resources out there to help with this goal. A new one that I came across today, thanks to Utah Deal Diva, is the Emergency Essentials Food Storage Analyzer. It is a free program to use. Once you set up an account and log in you can input the different food items that you already have as well as the different ages of everyone in your family. It calculates the caloric value needed per day for your family and then how many days your food would last given the caloric need of your family.

I tried it this morning and enjoyed trying this out. It was interesting to see just how long/far our current food storage would last. My only frustration with it is that most of the items they list for you to check off as having are their different canned food in their sizes. I had estimate some things that I have since some of my food is packaged in smaller quantities or weights. There was one section for grocery store canned food which helped, but not for other normal grocery-store-purchased items. With my estimations that I made, for our family of 3, it says that our food storage would last 69.6 days. Not quite where we need to be, but we are well on our way to our goal.

You can try it out for free and even earn a free $10 gift card for trying it out. Details can be found here.

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