Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Printable Playskool Coupons

There are some great high-value printable coupons at coupons.com right now for a variety of Playskool toys. The best part is that these don't expire until January, so they are bound to go on sale sometime in the next 3 months before Christmas (any day-after-Thanksgiving shoppers out there?!). I recommend printing all of them up and hanging on to them until you come across a sale.

For your convenience, you can go over to my coupons.com side bar and scroll through them until you come across the toys and then do a quick print.

Here are the different coupons they have. I was at Target today and priced a few of them that I could find. I've put these prices in paratheses next to the coupon value:

Save $10 on 1 DinoRoars Stompers toy
Save $5 on 1 DinoRoars Hatchlings toy
Save $10 on 1 Dance Cam toy
Save $5 on 1 Swing 'n Score Baseball toy
Save $5 on 1 Tumble 'n Twirl Top toy ($15.99)
Save $3 on 1 Lullaby Gloworm toy ($9.99)
Save $10 on 1 Musical Sit and Spin toy ($21.99)
Save $5 on 1 Busy Ball Popper toy ($19.99)
Save $5 on 1 Step Start Walk 'n Ride toy ($19.99)
Save $5 on 1 Activity Ball toy ($19.99)
Save $2 on 1 Mr. Potato Head or Mrs. Potato Head toy
Save $5 on 1 Mr. Potato Head Spud Buds toy
Save $5 on 1 Mr. Potato Head Silly Suitcase toy


  1. You read my mind on hanging onto them and waiting for a sale! I printed mine this morning. :)

  2. I priced a few of them at Walmart this week because I think my kids would love a Mr. Potato head. Megan uses it at speech therapy sometimes and has a blast. The regular Mr. Potato Head was $6.97 and the suitcase one (it has tons of accessories) was $16.97.