Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Walgreens Trip 10-17-09

I usually don't wait until the last day of their ad date to do my Walgreens shopping, but this past week just worked out that way, so at 9pm last night I headed out to snag some diapers and pick up a few more deals (the sippy cup was clearance for $0.10 at my Walgreens, so I couldn't pass up picking up one to see if my daughter liked it).

Here is my trip in a nutshell:

Invested $2 Register Rewards from previous week's purchases

Used $26.50 in manufacturer's coupons

Used $9.60 in Walgreens coupons

Spent $9.64 pretax out of pocket ($12.16 with tax)

Got $59.09 worth of items ("MSRP"--but let's be honest, would we actually spend the retail value to get these items--probably not--we wait for a sale.)

Saved 79%

Earned $6 Register Rewards for next time

Can submit for a $1.50 mail in rebate on the diapers

I was happy with that considering it was the last day of the sale and some of the things that I wanted were already sold out.

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  1. I bet your husband just LOVES you. I have never had the energy to do this but boy could our family sure use the savings!